outdoor experience.

We specialize in creating a custom outdoor living space with shading solutions that go beyond traditional pergolas, patio umbrellas and awnings.

Outdoor shading is an opportunity for you to experience your outdoor spaces in a new way.

Timeless design, attention to detail and the latest outdoor living technology come together so you can get more out of your outdoors.


outdoor shading.

We’re the premier partner for Renson motorized terrace coverings in the East Coast.

Our unique terrace coverings allow you to take control of your environment.

Whether you need to manage heat, cold or rain, you get to decide how to enjoy your time outdoors with the simple press of a button.


shading solutions.

You have a vision for your outdoor living space, so each one of our different models can be tailored to your needs.

We work together with you to find the perfect shading solution that will inspire you to spend more time outside.

Contact us now to schedule a free consult with one of our outdoor design specialists. To receive a copy of the Renson brochure, please click here.